Braun Travel (DotNetNuke / Custom ASP.NET Programming)

Custom DotNetNuke programming allowed us to turn a highly secure, flexible, and mature content management system into a website that met all the customer’s needs, and was economical to design and implement.

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Braun Travel home Page
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Braun Travel


Technologies: DotNetNuke / ASP.NET Custom Programming

A dealer incentive travel website for The Braun Corporation.

The DotNetNuke platform was chosen because of the varied security requirements of this website, and the need to develop custom modules that would interface with the corporate database.

In addition to these, this website had the following requirements:

  • Content updatable by website owner
  • Access control based on dealer groups and incentive level
  • Trip registration, validation, and administrative confirmation pages
  • Photo and video pages for past trips
  • Contact page for dealers to communicate with trip administrators
  • Interface to corporate database to determine dealer eligibility

Peruse the remaining slides to get a glimpse of how the above requirements were met, and visit the website link above to view the entire website.

Administration Website
Braun Travel Admin
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Administration Website

DotNetNuke is a mature platform that has been around since 2002.

It has excellent documentation for developing custom modules, a robust and granular security model, and a diverse ecosystem of off-the-shelf plugin modules available.


Flexible Content Layout
Braun Travel Where Are We Going
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Flexible Content Layout

Another helpful aspect of DotNetNuke is its flexible, what-you-see-is-what-you-get style of content editing.  All done through the website itself with no need for external tools such as FrontPage or DreamWeaver.

Plugins of diverse functionality, at reasonable cost, make building a website using DotNetNuke very economical and easy to maintain.


Custom Modules
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Custom Modules

Developing custom modules for DotNetNuke is an easy and economical way to extend its functionality to meet any website's needs. Once developed, modules are dropped onto a web page just as any built-in module would be.