Team Stryker Sports (IronSpeed/Custom ASP.NET)

While the web visitor facing side of Team Stryker Sports was implemented by custom ASP.NET programming, a large portion of the administration website was built using the IronSpeed development tool.  This was a huge time saver, and reduced the development costs significantly.

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Team Stryker Home Page
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Team Stryker Sports


Technologies: IronSpeed / Custom ASP.NET

A sports betting subscription website that had the following requirements:

  • Newsletter subscriptions for different sports and subscription duration
  • Support for different handicapper picks, each with their own secure login and editing capabilities
  • Fraud detection to prevent sharing of subscriptions
  • Real-time interface to credit card processor
  • Easy to use back office feature to select which picks won, and bill customers accordingly
  • Modifiable content by website owner via administration website
  • Featured "Hot Pick" of the week
  • Comprehensive reporting to track income of each handicapper and cut of proceeds to website owner

Peruse the remaining slides to get a glimpse of how the above requirements were met, and visit the website link above to view the entire website.

Content Administration
Team Stryker Admin Home Page
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Content Administration Website

All content on this website is delivered to the user via text and images stored in a multitude of database tables.

Once Reveille designed and created the needed database tables and indexes, a third party software package called "IronSpeed" was used to generate the content administration website, at a considerable savings to the customer.

Back Office
Team Stryker Back Office
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Back Office Website

Team Stryker offers a unique flavor of subscription called a "Quick Pick".  This is a mini document that tells a sports enthusiast for which team to place a bet, and is only billed to the enthusiast's credit card if the winning team matches the information sold.

A custom Back Office website was created to easily allow the website owner to mark which Quick Picks were successful, and then to batch process only those orders through the credit card processor's interface (CyberSource in this instance).

Additionally, a comprehensive reporting module was developed that tallied winning totals for each handicapper, along with the corresponding percentage of the sale price that went to the website owner.


Digital Subscriptions
Team Stryker Subscriptions
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Digital Subscriptions

One of the requirements for this project was to allow the website owner to offer downloadable subscription content, and be able to define various subscription lengths such as full season, one month, or one week special price trials.

These particular subscription purchases are processed in real-time through the website owner's credit card processor, and once validated the buyer gets immediate access to the newsletters for the duration of their subscription.


Only Pay If You Win
Team Stryker Picks
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Quick Picks - Only Pay If You Win

Another requirement was to allow the website owner to sell and publish "Quick Picks".  These are one time mini newsletters that predict the outcome of a sporting event.

Instead of real-time billing at time of purchase, the buyer's credit card information is held, and is only billed later if the prediction matched the sporting event outcome.

The website owner also wanted other handicappers to be able to sell their predictions via his website, and if the prediction was correct, receive a percentage of the pick's sale price.  Each handicapper has their own secure login to the administrative website, and publishes their own quick picks without any intervention required of the website owner.

To prevent fraud, a buyer first has to register via a registration page, and be authorized for purchases by the website owner.  Once authorized, the buyer can purchase quick picks without any further registration unless they choose to update their user information such as credit card number, which is kept securely in the database.

Members Area / Fraud Detection
Team Stryker Members
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Members Area / Fraud Detection

All member access is controlled by a username and password created at time of registration.

The member's Internet Protocol (IP) Address is obtained when they login, and mechanisms were implemented to prevent password sharing.  In addition, a comprehensive logging and reporting module was designed and developed to allow the website owner to determine if the fraud detection rules need to be adjusted.