NM Pinon Coffee (Microsoft Commerce Server)

Designed and implemented in 1996, this Microsoft Commerce Server development project ensures that New Mexico Pinon Coffee Company satisfies its many thousands of loyal customers day after day.

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NM Pinon Coffee Home Page
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NM Piñon Coffee

Website: www.nmpinoncoffee.com

Technologies: Microsoft Commerce Server V1.0

This is the first e-Commerce website that Reveille developed back in 1996, and with updates and tweaks along the way, is still serving many thousands of loyal customers to this day.

Using version 1.0 of Microsoft Commerce Server (MSC), the basic capabilities of MSC surpass most of the more modern platforms available today.

This website that had the following requirements:

  • Each product attribute combinations had to resolve to a single unique SKU number
  • Price promotions and cross selling promotions
  • Flexible shipping discounts
  • Promo codes
  • Collection of email addresses for promotional emailings
  • User buying history available online for easy reordering
  • Interface to internal order fulfillment system

Peruse the remaining slides to get a glimpse of how the above requirements were met, and visit the website link above to view the entire website.

Attributes to Unique SKU
NM Pinon Coffee Attributes
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Attributes Mapping to Unique SKU

One of the problems that even modern e-Commerce platforms have today is that of mapping attribute combinations to a unique SKU number.

Back in 1997, Microsoft Commerce Server was one of the first e-Commerce platforms available, and they got attribute combination handling exactly right.


Email List Generation
NM Pinon Coffee Email List
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Email List Generation

Commercial emailing done right.

Instead of sending spam emails by the hundreds of thousands, and alienating potential customers, the NM Pinon Coffee website allows potential customers and existing customers to opt-in (and opt-out) to a promotional mailing list.

Sent out quarterly, these hugely successful multi-thousand emailings add considerably to the bottom line.

Administration Website
NM Pinon Coffee Admin Home Page
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Administration Website

Although rather simplistic at first glance, the administration pages of Microsoft's first foray into e-Commerce have all the needed features for successful online marketing.


NM Pinon Coffee Promos
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Price and Cross Selling Promotions

Microsoft Commerce Server has a very comprehensive promotions model that keep customers happy and coming back month after month.