All websites are not created using the same methods or technologies.

Over the last few years, a multitude of content management system (CMS) platforms have sprung into existence, as well as many flavors of e-Commerce shopping carts.  In many instances, these platforms can be used to build beautiful, fully functioning websites that meet all of the customer’s needs.

Occasionally the requirements list mandates a completely custom solution built using good old fashioned line by line programming.

Reveille has experience in a broad range of available platforms and technologies that ensures your website will be built economically, yet meet all of your requirements.

Below you will find a sampling of the websites we have designed and developed over the years that demonstrate some of the systems and technologies available to up-to-date web developers.

At the bottom of each introduction slide is a link that will take you to the individual portfolio for the particular technology being demonstrated, where you can get more detailed information.


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ASP.NET Custom Programming
Dealer Depot Home Page

Braun Corporation Dealer Depot

Dealer Website: www.braunlift.com/dealerdepot

Admin Website: www.braunlift.com/dealerdepotadmin

Technologies: ASP.NET, AJAX, JavaScript, Oracle & MSSQL Databases

A comprehensive website developed for The Braun Corporation to interface with their 400 strong, worldwide dealer network.

Comprised of over 30,000 files, and 1.2 million lines of programming code, this website is hosted on 2 dedicated servers. One for the dealer and admin websites, and the other as a secure gateway between the web server and the corporate Oracle manufacturing database.In addition to stringent security the website had the following requirements:

  • Replace paper based forms with online electronic versions
  • Access to financial reports that used to be delivered by fax
  • Online part lookup and ordering that used to be handled via phone and fax
  • Warranty status, RMA handling, and integration with UPS Worldship system
  • Product manuals and exploded parts drawings available online
  • Training class signups and management
  • Marketing and troubleshooting videos online
  • Online chat capability between dealer technicians and corporate personnel

In addition to offering dealers more timely access to needed data, faster part ordering and warranty processing, this website has saved The Braun Corporation millions of dollars in labor savings alone.

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IronSpeed / ASP.NET Custom Programming
Team Stryker Home Page
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Team Stryker Sports

Website: www.teamstryker.com

Technologies: IronSpeed / Custom ASP.NET

A sports betting subscription website that had the following requirements:

  • Newsletter subscriptions for different sports and subscription duration
  • Support for different handicapper picks, each with their own secure login and editing capabilities
  • Fraud detection to prevent sharing of subscriptions
  • Real-time interface to credit card processor
  • Easy to use back office feature to select which picks won, and bill customers accordingly
  • Modifiable content by website owner via administration website
  • Featured "Hot Pick" of the week
  • Comprehensive reporting to track income of each handicapper and cut of proceeds to website owner

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Enchanted Air Homepage
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Enchanted Air Paragliding LLC

Website: www.enchantedair.com

Technologies: WordPress and plugin coding modifications

This website had the following requirements that were easily met using WordPress:

  • Content updatable by website owner
  • Rotating testimonials superimposed on banner image
  • Picture gallery with easy upload
  • Rotating featured images on home page
  • Secure feedback page delivered via email and retained on server
  • Different sidebar content on each page
  • Social media "like" buttons
  • Frequently asked questions page (FAQ) - easily updated by website owner

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DotNetNuke / ASP.NET Custom Programming
Braun Travel home Page
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Braun Travel

Website: www.brauntravel.com

Technologies: DotNetNuke / ASP.NET Custom Programming

A dealer incentive travel website for The Braun Corporation.

The DotNetNuke platform was chosen because of the varied security requirements of this website, and the need to develop custom modules that would interface with the corporate database.

In addition to these, this website had the following requirements:

  • Content updatable by website owner
  • Access control based on dealer groups and incentive level
  • Trip registration, validation, and administrative confirmation pages
  • Photo and video pages for past trips
  • Contact page for dealers to communicate with trip administrators
  • Interface to corporate database to determine dealer eligibility

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Microsoft Commerce Server
NM Pinon Coffee Home Page
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NM Piñon Coffee

Website: www.nmpinoncoffee.com

Technologies: Microsoft Commerce Server V1.0

This is the first e-Commerce website that Reveille developed back in 1996, and with updates and tweaks along the way, is still serving many thousands of loyal customers to this day.

Using version 1.0 of Microsoft Commerce Server (MSC), the basic capabilities of MSC surpass most of the more modern platforms available today.

This website that had the following requirements:

  • Each product attribute combinations had to resolve to a single unique SKU number
  • Price promotions and cross selling promotions
  • Flexible shipping discounts
  • Promo codes
  • Collection of email addresses for promotional emailings
  • User buying history available online for easy reordering
  • Interface to internal order fulfillment system

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Zen Cart
Maidas Home Page
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Maida's Belts & Buckles

Website: www.maidasbelts.com

Technologies: Zen Cart e-Commerce Platform

This site was developed and abandoned by another web developer.  Reveille corrected many programming flaws, and put the website back into full production.

Some features of this website are:

  • Flash rotation of photos on home page display featured items
  • Ability to request custom information on certain products (initials on belt buckles as an example)
  • Real-time interface to back-end credit card processor
  • Email list signup
  • Wish Lists
  • Social media buttons

Zen Cart is an offshoot of the osCommerce platform that has many nice features that were left out of osCommerce such as informational sub-pages, featured products, and more.

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Chile Line Express Home Page
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Chile Line Express

Website: www.chilelineexpress.com

Technologies: osCommerce e-Commerce Platform

osCommerce is a very popular e-Commerce system that has hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide in numerous languages.  It's so popular that two other popular e-Commerce systems, CreLoaded and Zen Cart, are actually based on it.

Some features of osCommerce that this website uses are:

  • Easy theme modification
  • What's new featured product
  • Simple to use product search feature
  • Customers can store multiple ship-to addresses
  • Easy newsletter subscription
  • Simple, 2 step checkout process
  • Easily customized

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ChimayoToGo Home Page
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Chimayo To Go

Website: www.chimayotogo.com

Technologies: AspDotNetStorefront e-Commerce Platform

The folks at AspDotNetStorefront tout their product as "The last e-commerce platform you'll ever need".

They've pretty much nailed it.  This e-Commerce system is jam packed with features, and is a great choice for websites that need the ultimate in flexibility and have many categories and products.

Chimayo To Go had an early Microsoft Commerce Server based website, and Reveille upgraded them to AspDotNetStorefront in 2006.  Many thousands of happy customers come back to ChimayoToGo.com time and time again.

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